Dishwasher tablets

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Klok Eco dishwasher tablets are phosphate-free. These ‘All-in-1’ dishwasher tablets are individually packed in a 100% water-soluble foil, which means that the tablet with foil and all can go into the machine. Pleasant for people with sensitive skin, as contact with the tablet is prevented. Instead of phosphates, use is made of an ingredient on a vegetable basis. The ingredient is made from the roots of the chicory plant. It actively counteracts the negative effects of water hardness (such as limescale). The ingredient may be visible in the tablets as small brown speckles as it is a natural unbleached product.

Klok Eco dishwasher tablets do not contain perfume and dyes.



Oxygen bleaches (5-15%), Non-ionic surfactants, phosphonates, Polyucarboxylaten <5%, contains enzymes (Proteease, Amylase)

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